Mid moves, June 27th – July 9th 1983

Midland Railtourers Summer 1983, thanks to Guy Kendrick

The diary of a thrash-addicted 16 year old from Coventry, in that endless summer after ’O’ levels and before results, sixth form, long-term girlfriend, beers, mates and parties!

After starting bashing in May 1981, weekend Daytrippers of Coventry – Birmingham electrics, Hoovers and duffs, Wolves Rats on the Abers, interspersed with day trips further afield (Newcastle for the last Deltics, Cardiff, Sheffield etc) I did a Midland Railtourer in 1982 and got the taste of things slightly more exotic.

My interest in the rail system in general was gathering in pace, coaching stock and the like, and I started to record more than just daily goings on. Unfortunately, a lot of those notebooks have gone walkabouts in the last 35 years, but I’ve been left with enough to put them out on a document if anyone is interested…….a reminisce if you will of simpler times. For me this extended through to the late 80’s when I went to Sheffield Poly for three years, but petered out in 1988 with longer term girlfriend and a career. The same, I believe, for many of us.

  The Midland Railtourer, the “Mid”

I started, that summer, solo, working out of Birmingham International as I decided to stay with my late grandmother. Easier that way, although I’d bail back home periodically. I had some timetables, and no real idea. No gen, no sparring partner (although as the summer wore on I made some good mates). I wasn’t looking for anything other than getting as far afield as possible within the confines of the ticket, and trying out all sorts of traction. I’d got no firm game-plan. I would change tack if I got bored, resulting in some days I look back on and think “What the bloody hell was I thinking then?!”. On the whole I had an extremely varied taste of traction (for an Electric-bound Cov kid with a very limited budget)

The end of the Rats was in sight, the 40’s were starting to get rarer (unless you were North Wales or across the Pennines) and it was getting close to reckoning for the 46’s. Cromptons were on the Crewe – Cardiff, my appetite for them had been whetted by a few days out Waterloo – Basingstoke in that April, and I’d not experienced any 20’s.

By that time I’d had most of the 86/2’s, a fair portion of the remainder of the sub-class, most of the 87’s, and a few Roarers – although nowhere near as many as I’d have liked. Obviously sacrifices were made on the way, there was no reason living where I did why I shouldn’t have had an awful lot more. Still, most of the 50’s had been bagged by June 83’, so the hunt was on for some different stuff…….

It was a thrash-quest if I’m honest. The first week was a taster, and quite pedestrian really, it got much better as the weeks went by. I didn’t start until the Monday on the first week, the ticket was Sunday – Saturday, and I tended to decide half way through a week when I would do the next one. All dependent on poncing money off my parents, as I wasn’t quite old enough to hold a decent Saturday job until November 83’. God bless Sainsbury’s……they funded many days out from then on.

 Ticket for a “thrash quest”!

Monday 27th June

50012 xe LA 1S61 – 06.45 Paddington – Glasgow  International – BNS (air-cons)    8.5

31418 xd MR – 1E64 – 10.15 BNS – Norwich       BNS  – Nuneatonn (vb mk2’s)   20.75

It was here I hooked up with a lad from Hagley, who I spent a few weeks with, with access to decent timetables and headcode books, possibly the Loco-Hauled travel publication, that proved pretty invaluable. Stage set for a good time.

31413 xd MR – 1M30 – 07.40 Norwich – BNS     Nuneaton – BNS (vvb mk2’s) 20.75

86240 xe WN -12.10 off BNS – Glasgow (ex- Euston) (air cons) – BNS – Crewe 53.25

Thought we’d go and have a look-see up towards Chester, then have a gander at the Crewe – Cardiff. Two pedestrian moves followed, but when you‘ve entered the sweetshop, it‘s difficult to get a taste of everything in one go;

47432 xe CD – 1D48 13.10 Crewe – Holyhead       Crewe- Chester (air cons)  21.00

47502 xe OC 1A56 13.10 Holyhead – Crewe          Chester – Crewe (air cons) 21.00

Then a straight thrash run out to Church Stretton and back courtesy of two of Hither Green’s finest;

33062 xe HG 1V06 16.08 Crewe-Cardiff  Crewe – Church Stratton (vb dh mk1) 45.5

33057 xe HG 1V07 15.10 Cardiff – Crewe Church Stretton-Crewe (vb dh mk1) 45.5

Fast run back to International;

87016 ae WN 1A78 16.20 Holyhead – Euston  Crewe  – International (air cons) 61.75

Tuesday 28th June 1983

A re-run of the previous day, with some tweaks to the plan…….

50042 xe OC 1S61 06.45 Paddington-Glasgow International – BNS (air cons) 8.5

31247 xb IM (result!) 1E64 10.15 BNS-Norwich BNS-Nuneaton (vb mk2) 20.75

31424 xd MR 1M30 07.40 Norwich-BNS  Nuneaton – BNS (vb mk2) 20.75

85035 xe CE 11.56 off BNS-Manchester   BNS- Wolverhampton (mk2’s) 13.00

87017 ae WN 12.10 off BNS – Glasgow  Wolverhampton-Crewe (air cons) 40.25

33002 xe EH 1V05 13.25 Crewe-Cardiff     Crewe-Church Stretton (vb dh mk1) 45.5

Bit of a fester here, but it was lunchtime, it was hot, and a very pleasant place to be;

DMU 12.26 Swansea – Shrewsbury Church Stretton-Shrewsbury        12.75

33014 xe EH 1V06 16.06 Crewe-Cardiff, Shrewsbury-Church Stretton (vb dh mk1) 12.75

33038 xe HG 1V07 15.10 Cardiff-Crewe, Church Stretton-Crewe (vb dh mk1) 45.5

86215 xe WN 1A78 16.20 Holyhead-Euston, Crewe – International (air cons) 61.75.

On top of these later finishes, sometimes even later back to International, I would then walk all the way back to Elmdon where my Gran would always make me a full fry up whilst I had a shower. She was a proper night-owl, which worked really well for me after a very long day! Sorely missed.

Wednesday 29th June 1983

Looking at this, a bit of a strange one, which I can’t quite reconcile 33 years down the line, other than the fact I’d never done Derby – Crewe. However, I recall there may have been a suggestion of the “possibility” of a 40 on the Llandudno – Stoke. Which didn’t occur…………that’s the only rationale I can come up with for enduring miles of DMU……..

50034 xe OC 1S61 as per the previous two days, International – BNS (air cons) 8.5

31410 xd HM 1E64 10.15 BNS-Norwich, BNS-Leicester (vb mk2)       39.50

31421 xe MR 1M66 09.03 Cambridge-BNS Leicester-BNS (vb dh mk1) 39.50

45105 xe TO 1E27 09.58 Weymouth-Leeds BNS-Derby (air cons) 41.00

DMU – 17.15 Derby-Crewe, Derby-Crewe            50.75

DMU – 18.47 Crewe – Chester  Crewe-Chester     21.00

47515 xe CD 1K38 18.00 Llandudno – Stoke    Chester – Crewe (vb dh mk1)  21.00

85032 xe CE 1G10 18.38 Blackpool-BNS, Crewe – BNS (vb dh mk1)       53.25

EMU  – 20.50 BNS – Watford, BNS-International      8.5

Thursday 30th June 1983

50023 xe LA 1S61 again from International-BNS (air cons) 8.5

31116 xo TI 1E64 again from BNS – Nuneaton (vb dh mk2) 20.75

87021 ae WN – 1D42 09.55 Euston-Holyhead Nuneaton-Crewe  (air cons) 61.00

33052 xe HG 1V05 13.25 Crewe-Cardiff, Crewe-Church Stretton 45.50

(7215 5041,34560,24012.……one of the oldest mk1’s in existence at that time)

DMU – 12.26 Swansea-Shrewsbury Church Stretton-Shrewsbury 12.75

33003 xe EH 1V06 16.06 Crewe-Cardiff, Shrewsbury-Church Stretton (vb dh mk1) 12.75

33027 xe EH 1V07 15.10 Cardiff-Crewe, Church St,-Crewe (vb dh mk1) 45.50

86229 xe WN 1A78 16.20 Holyhead-Euston, Crewe-International 61.75 including a shove all the way along platform 2 at BNS by 08647 (SY) for some reason!

Friday 1st July 1983

A fairly lazy day between BNS-Leicester, but my first 40 courtesy of the FO Portsmouth-Leeds………..followed by a stop over in Hagley, the only way to get out to Leicester on a Saturday morning early enough for the Skeggy choppers……..

50038 xe OC 1S61 as usual between International – BNS (air cons) 8.5

31116 xo TI (again) on 1E64 BNS-Hinckley (vb dh mk2) 25.00

31187 xb MR 1M30 07.40 Norwich-BNS, Hinckley-BNS (vb dh mk2) 25.00

31419 xd MR 1E66 13.15 BNS-Norwich BNS-Leicester (vb dh mk2) 39.50

31401 xe MR 1M67 11.15 Norwich-BNS, Leicester-BNS (vb dh mk2) 39.50

40093 xi LO 1E22 12.46 (FO) Portsmouth-Leeds BNS-Derby (vb dh mk1) 41.00

Awesome. Removed at Derby. You always remember your first!!

43161/43069 (both NL) 17.45 Sheffield-St.Pancras Derby-Leicester 29.50

31424 xd MR 1M76 16.45 Norwich-BNS Leicester-BNS (vb dh mk2) 39.50

DMU – 21.21 BNS-Kidderminster, BNS-Hagley 14.00

Saturday 2nd July 1983

God-awful early start after a night on someone else’s bedroom floor saw us bleary eyed into Hagley Station;

DMU – 06.25 Hagley-BNS    Hagley-BNS 14.00

DMU – 07.15 BNS-Leicester BNS-Leicester  39.50

20172 vo TO

+                  1E86 08.38 Leicester-Skegness, Leicester-Nottingham (vb dh mk1) 28.00

20178 vo TO

47345 xos CD 1E33 07.26 Luton-Scarboro’ Nottingham-Derby (vb dh mk1) 16.00

45069 xb TO 1O11 07.29 Bradford-Weymouth, Derby-Burton (air con) 11.00

47138 xb BR 1V79 08.17 York-Tenby, Burton-BNS (vb dh mk1) 30.00

25316 xo CW

+                   1J24 10.10 Euston-Aberystwyth, BNS-Shrewsbury (vb dh mk1) 43.00

25305 xo BS

33209 xes HG (result!) 1V05 13.25 Crewe-Cardiff, Shrewsbury-C.Stretton (vb dh mk1) 12.75

DMU – 12.26 Swansea-Shrewsbury, C.Stretton-Shrewsbury (vb dh mk1) 12.75

33013 xe EH 1V06 16.06 Crewe-Cardiff, Shrewsbury-C.Stretton (vb dh mk1) 12.75

33052 xe HG 1V07 15.10 Cardiff-Crewe, C.Stretton-Crewe (vb dh mk1) 45.50

86258 xe WN 1A78 16.20 Holyhead-Euston, Crewe-International (air cons) 61.75

You might gather here I like Crompton thrash…….I do, and that addiction got worse during 1985. Am I also a bit sad that I really enjoy the sound of a Ped being mercilessly nailed? Even better…….two Peds! It’s all about the thrash kids.


Sunday 3rd July 1983

The start of week two. Totally knackered. A decent lie-in, and an easy afternoon out. I also didn’t know about 1G06. More fool me. It was 40129 that day…..but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

DMU – 13.10 International-BNS. Engineering. I just missed 56098 on a drag out of BNS………8.50

46014 xb GD 1E08 14.25 Bristol-Leeds, BNS-Derby (vb dh mk1) 41.00

DMU – 16.40 Derby-Lincoln, Derby-Nottingham       16.00

20173 vo TO

+                  1M83 18.00 Skegness-Derby, Nottingham-Derby (vb dh mk1)  16.00

20188 vo TO

47509 xe OC 1V88 21.29 Derby-Bristol, Derby-BNS (air cons) 41.00

47250 xo BR 1O96 19.19 Liverpool-Portsmouth, BNS-International (mk2 a/c) 8.50

Monday 4th July 1983

50045 xe LA 1S61 06.45 Paddington – Glasgow, BINT -BNS  (air cons) 8.50

31419 xd MR 1E64 10.15 BNS – Norwich, BNS – Hinckley (vb mk2) 25.00

31421 xd MR 1M30 07.40 Norwich – BNS, Hinckley – Nuneaton (vb mk2) 4.25

31312 vb MR 1M66 09.03 Cambridge – BNS, Nuneaton – BNS (vb mk2) 20.75

86314 xe WN 13.00 BNS – Glasgow (?) BNS-W’hampton (air cons) 13.00

81015 xe GW ? – Bristol, W’hampton – BNS (air cons) 13.00

85037 xe CE 1A44 13.20 BNS – Euston, BNS – BINT (air cons) 8.50

47447 xe CD 1E63 09.40 Poole – Newcastle BINT – BNS (air cons) 8.50

45113 xe TO As above BNS – Burton On Trent 30.00

45070 xb TO 1E27 08.50 Weymouth – Leeds, Burton – Derby (mk2’s)  11.00

43040 ae NL

+                   17.00 Derby – St.Pancras (HST) Derby – Nottingham 16.00

43116 ae NL

20173 vo TO

+                   1M07 18.10 Skegness – Derby relief, Nottingham – Beeston 3.75

20188 vo TO

20183 vo TO

+                  1M47 18.37 Skegness – Derby, Beeston – Derby (mk1 vbsh) 12.75

20187 vo TO

47509 xe OC 1V88 21.29 Derby – Bristol TM, Derby – BNS (air cons) 41.00

DMU 23.03 BNS – Leamington Spa, BNS- Solihull 8.00

Followed by a walk back to Sheldon! Tiring day.

Tuesday 5th July 1983

EMU – 12.45 Rugby-BNS, BINT – BNS 8.50

47590 xe BS 1E63 09.40 Poole- Newcastle, BNS – Burton On Trent (mk2‘s) 30.00

45013 xb TI 1E27 09.58 Weymouth-Leeds, Burton-Derby (mk2’s) 11.00

43050 ae NL

+                  17.00 Derby- St.Pancras, Derby – Leicester (HST) 29.50

43063 ae NL

45121 xe TO 1D54 16.15 St. Pancras- Nottingham, Leicester-Nottingham (mk1 vbdh) 27.50

31306 vo TE

+                  1M07 18.10 Skegness-Derby relief, Nottingham-Long Eaton (mk1) 7.75

31132 vo TO

20173 vo TO

+                  1M47 18.37 Skegness-Derby, Long Eaton-Derby (mk1 vbsh) 8.25

20188 vo TO

45143 xe TO 1V88 21.29 Derby-Bristol TM, Derby-BNS (air cons) 41.00

DMU – as the night previous, BNS-Solihull 8.00, plus another long, dark walk!

Wednesday 6th July 1983

A lazy day. Just couldn’t be bothered!

47436 xe CD 1E63 09.40 Poole-Newcastle, BINT-BNS (mk2‘s) 8.50

86322 xe WN 1S69 12.00 Euston-Glasgow, BNS-Crewe (air cons) 53.25

33054 xe HG 1V06 16.06 Crewe-Cardiff, Crewe-Church Stretton 45.50

(18959, 7219, 35197, 4847, 24430)

33003 xe EH 1V07 15.10 Cardiff-Crewe, Church Stretton-Crewe 45.50

(stock including 24127, one of the oldest mk1’s left)

86222 xe WN 1A78 16.10 Holyhead-Euston, Crewe-BNS (air cons) 53.25

47533 xe BS 1V16 17.25 Manchester-Paddington, BNS-BINT (air cons) 8.50.

And another walk back to Sheldon………….

Thursday 7th July 1983

86252 xe WN  12.45 Euston-Wolverhampton, BINT-BNS (air cons) 8.50

46052 xb GD 1E63 09.40 Poole-Newcastle, BNS-Burton On Trent (mk2’s) 30.00

45137 xe TO 1V88 15.00 Derby-Cardiff (?), Burton-BNS (mk2’s) 30.00

31255 xb MR 1E80 16.14 BNS-Norwich, BNS- Abbey Jct – Failed – 20.00


31174 xb HM Abbey Jct-Hinckley towing the above train – 5.00

31401 xe MR 1M67 13.00 Norwich-BNS, Hinckley-Nuneaton (vb mk2) 4.25

25250 xo CW 1E82 18.18 BNS-Norwich, Nuneaton-Leicester (vb mk2) 18.75

43197 ae NL

+                  17.50 St. Pancras-Sheffield, Leicester-Long Eaton (HST) 21.25

43107 ae NL

31317 vi HM

+                  1M47 18.37 Skegness-Burton, Long Eaton-Burton via Derby 19.25

31295 vi TO

45137 xe TO 1V88 21.29 Derby-Bristol TM, Burton-BNS (air cons) 30.00

DMU 23.03 BNS-Leamington, BNS-Solihull…..and a long walk back, as usual….

Friday 8th July 1983

A VERY lazy day, and a waste of money in hindsight, but it was a long afternoon yesterday………..

310 048 (BY) 12.45 Rugby – BNS, BINT-BNS 8.50

45113 xe TO 1019 09.40 Newcastle-Poole, BNS-Banbury (mk2‘s) 44.25

33064 xe HG 1E22 12.46 (FO) Portsmouth-Leeds, Banbury-BNS (mk1 vbdh) 44.25

This sometimes produced some decent power forward, but I couldn’t be bothered with 47121 as it was a dud.

47327 xos BR 1V17 16.39 BNS-Paddington, BNS-BINT (mk2’s) 8.50

And an early walk back to my grandma’s……………

Saturday  9th July 1983

86210 xe WN 1J20 07.45 Euston-Aberystwyth, BINT-Wolverhampton (mk1) 21.50

25277 xo BS As above, Wolverhampton-Wellington 19.75


25322 xo KD

DMU (TS) 10.27 Shrewsbury-Wolverhampton, Wellington-Wolves 19.75

86205 xe WN 1A36 11.36 Wolverhampton-Euston, to BNS (air cons) 13.00

25276 xo BS 1J24 10.10 Euston-Aberystwyth, BNS-Shrewsbury (mk1 vbdh) 43.00


25306 vo CD

33006 xe EH 11.50 Cardiff-Crewe, Shrewsbury-Crewe (mk1 vbdh) 32.75

87027 ae WN 14.02 off Crewe-Euston, Crewe-BNS (air cons) 40.25

87013 ae WN 1A54 14.50 Wolves-Euston, Wolves-BNS (air cons) 13.00

37169 xo TI 1E69 09.58 Weymouth-Bradford, BNS-Derby (mk1 vbdh) 41.00

(4931, 4975, 4991, 4989, 16195, 35343, 4806, 4371, 4886, 4899)

43165 ae LA

+                  15.42 Leeds-Cardiff (HST), Derby-BNS 41.00

43181 ae LA

310 058 (BY) 17.24 BNS-Coventry, BNS-BINT 8.5

More cracking Guy memories to follow, thanks to Guy Kendrick for the top memories!


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