North East, May 2022

A few normal days staying in Weardale, did manage to escape for a bit of 156 bashing! Good fun.

Frosterley station on the preserved but currently non operational Weardale railway on May 16th 2022

156444 leaves the impressive Darlington station with the 1126 Bishop Auckland – Saltburn on May 17th 2022

More real times at Darlington, that overall roof is echoing to the sounds of 40137 awaiting the right away on June 18th 1977 with 1E34 0910 Blackpool – Newcastle, plenty 40’s at Darlo that day!

Split box of a different kind but a true survivor, 37099 stabled just North of Darlington station with a test train on May 17th 2022

37198 preserved at Darlington “Head of Steam” Museum on May 17th 2022, this being the last class 37 built at nearby Darlington Stephenson Works in Sep 64

156448 leaves Newton Aycliffe with the 1326 Bishop Auckland – Saltburn on May 19th 2022

Outside the superb NRM Shildon museum is 08911 on May 19th 2022

Apparently loads of pacers are now preserved but the NRM have pioneer 142001 at Shildon on May 19th 2022

The almighty scale of “DELTIC” is enhanced by the ground level viewpoint at Shildon, the last time i viewed this mighty machine was in the Science Museum, London in the early 70s!

Good to see 71001 which i had on a Farrow tour many years ago looking good at Shildon on May 19th 2022

Theres a 2BIL and a restored coach of 2 HAP 4308 at Shildon looking good, (the other coach of the HAP is outside awaiting restoration), May 19th 2022

With a surviving operational semaphore standing proud 156449 arrives at Shildon with the 1359 Saltburn – Bishop Auckland on May 19th 2022


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