On the coast, August 82

Friday August 20th

            Awaiting the 0654 unit at Leighton station, a 31 rounded the corner. For a split second i thought our 310 unit was being dragged. Closer inspection saw it was 31119 dragging Eastern units on our regular MWFO Ilford – Wolverton Works drag.

Meeting up with Tony Ewer at the Keynes, we endured a procession of dull haulages both North and West. It was some hours later that the first reasonable power of the day in 47357 took us forward from Flint to the “junction”.

            Whilst waiting here 25115 clattered in with a flask from Trawsfyndd. Whilst we examined the destination label on the flasks solebar we were told in no uncertain terms to get away from the train by an irate guard emerging from his brake van.

When a steaming “peak” arrived we laughed not at the dull power in 45057, on a 40 turn, but the fact the boiler was steaming in August!

            Leaping from the steamy Mk I’s at Colwyn Bay we were soon rewarded for our patience with that unique big nose profile of a class 40 on approach with heads leaning out of the front Mk I coach too! 40181 was taken just back to the Jn where we hoped for a 40 hauled mileage move on one of the returning Holyhead – Eustons. This proved to a very dud move as 47492 was flagged first, then slightly better “genny” 47404 was bashed along the coast to Crewe.

            On arrival here my mate shouted “theres a rat in”, I replied “probably on vans” but  we legged it over to join a very vo “rodent” in 25168 on a short rake of Mk I’s. The 1510 Crewe – Llandudno control relief with 2 happy bashers in the front seats of an otherwise lightly loaded train. We enjoyed the small Sulzer sounds immensely but bailed at Chester, happy with 22 odd “rat” miles.

            After we watched the now well loaded 25’s train leave Chester we raked in yet more EH 4’s and the Flint chippie. We had viewed 40073 Holyhead bound earlier and were well pleased as she whistled into Chester on her return diagram. At Crewe 85008 was soon roaring in, so we opted for  change of scene as we headed North behind this “roaring beast”. Preston that evening, portion power wise, was “EH city” though another “genny” in 47413 was a surprise on 1V53 as we arrived at Lime St

Phots from 200882

 25115 at the Jn wih the flask from Trawsfyndd

 August steam heat courtesy of 45057 at Colwyn Bay

 40181 at Holyhead prior to working the 1517 1J53 Holyhead – Manchester Vic service, a Trev Rolfe phot

 25168 at Chester with the 1510 Crewe – Llandudno control relief

20/8/82 Fr – Moves and gen

31119/units 312/5xx

86218  1H04 0650 Euston-Manchester                                  MK-CR

47509  1D32 0840 Stoke-Llandudno                                     CR-CH

47483  1D33 0930 Crewe-Holyhead                                      CH-PR

47447  1K11 0815 Holyhead-Crewe                                                 

47459  1J66 0953 Bangor-Manchester V                               PR-FL

47357  1D35 0945 Manchester-Bangor                                  FL-LJ

45057  1J30 1157 Bangor-Manchester V  (steaming)            LJ-CB

25115-nuc waste-phot

47556  1A45 1021 Holyhead-Euston

47500  1D44 0900 Euston-Bangor

40181  1D29 1045 Manchester V-Holyhead                          CB-LJ

47492  1K29 1207 Holyhead-Euston

40073  1D42 0950 Euston-Holyhead

47447  1D43 1000 Euston-Holyhead

47404  1A56 1259 Holyhead-Euston                                     LJ-CR

25168  1510 Crewe-Llandudno Rlf                                       CR-CH

47500  1A61 1436 Bangor-Euston                                         CH-CR

47492  1D63 1727 Crewe-Holyhead                                      CR-FL

47447  1K36 1707 Holyhead-Euston                                     FL-CH

40073  1A82 1805 Holyhead-Euston                                     CH-CR

85008  1P79 1805 Euston-Blackpool                                     CR-PR

47479  1P79 1805 Euston-Blackpool

47429  1F27 2146 Preston -Liverpool                                     PR-LS

47413  1V53 2355 Liverpool-Penzance                                 LS-CR

Saturday August 21st

            A long queue of holidaymakers all heavily laden with luggage patiently waited for the barrier to open for 47413’s Liverpool – Penzance train. The atmosphere despite the late hour was buzzing, Summer holidays beckoned for groups and families of all ages. Our fears of a wedge were unfounded as all the holiday crowds piled into the rear coaches leaving the 6 bashers aboard sprawled out in the front coach with a bay of 4 each.

            So windows open i sat back to enjoy the unique Sulzer sounds of a Genny” opening up in Lime St tunnels. I apparently took a bit of waking up at Crewe where we bailed and it was to prove a “can city” that night. We suffered 86204 forward to Wigan on S19 which as usual was freezing and desolate in the wind, We were pleased to escape on an albeit dull “roarer” in 85021 forward to Preston. “No 82 or 83 on the Barrow splitter portion tonight then”.

            The return run to Crewe and onwards to a grey, chill Llandudno Jn saw us bail dog tired and after much average power overnight we perhaps were not in the highest of spirits for a “Summer Saturday in the coast”. To a Mutley style mutter of “about bloody time” 40181 whistled in with the early morning Bangor – Manchester. Bashers were dossed out in at least the leading 3 leading coaches so we settled 4 coaches back! On leaving our enjoyment of the thrash was disturbed by an unfamiliar elderly enthusiast opening our compo door and in a pompous Oxbridge accent asking if “we had any TOPS gen”. Its fair to say that even i had a print out for the whole world in my trusty Adidas bag i wouldnt have genned up this bloody “ned”.

            With myself and colleague still muttering abuse we bailed “ned” style at Colwyn Bay although in the company of many 40 men fresh off their overnight! Mr Oxbridge was nowhere to be seen either! On arrival at a now sunny Llandudno our spirits lifted instantly of seeing two 40’s on stock in the station. The sight of 50 odd bashers leaving the DMU and crossing the island platform at Llandudno to join 40198 on the 0900 York enraged one of the barrier grippers. He came running up to “nip our tickets” but was suitably rebuffed with 50 “impeccably” valid “Roveaways” and other Rovers being presented.

            The rare 40198 performed in style on the branch and there was much flailing from the front coach. This bashing game’s brilliant i mused, required 40 up front, the sun is shining, soche crowd and all memories of that rancid overnight vanished! The  Colwyn Bay bakers move, then a very required clawback on Tony Ewer with 40008 forward.

            Just before departure we were impressed on seeing 25323 on the first Manchester – Bangor, the expressions on the faces of the 40 men said it all for them! And so the Summer Saturday on the coast panned out with much class 25/40/47 haulage on a virtual procession of holiday trains. The festers were short, the bashing crowds soche, the sun never stopped shining and the lengthy rakes of Mk I’s that made up most of these trains were full of happy holidaymakers from all over the country.

            Despite being “genned up” by the locals we still had one or two trains that we didn’t know what was coming on all the many trains. Eastern 40077 on the York – Llandudno being an unexpected surprise. And so with the sun still shining a bit we bailed off 40029 at Chester, our Coast bash over, simply brilliant!!   

Phots from 210882

 The ticket that brought all the fun of the Coast!

 40198 looks enticing as she waits departure time from Ludo with 1E86 0900 Llandudno – York

 40141 storms through Colwyn Bay with the 1440 Lawley St- Holyhead liners 

 Whistling beast 40124 awaiting the tip from Prestatyn with 1E82 1353 Llandudno – Sheffield/York. 40029 wasn’t far behind with 1J22.  

21/8/82 Sa Moves and gen

47543  1V14 0147 Crewe-Cardiff

86255  1H00 0045 Crewe-Manchester

86233  1S23 2124 Bristol-Glas/Edin

86204  1S19 2147 Bristol-Glas/Edin                                      CR-WI

85021  1P54 2345 Euston-Barrow                                         WI-PR

81018  1V61 2340 Edin/Glas-Bristol                                     PR-WI

86231  1M14 2200 Stranraer-Euston                                      WI-CR

47447  1D04 0605 Crewe-Llandudno                                    CR-LJ

40181  1J10 0709 Bangor-Manchester V                               LJ-CB

47432  1A23 0624 Holyhead-Euston



56332} 0627 Rock Ferry-Llandudno                                     CB-LL


40198  1E86 0900 Llandudno-York                                      LL-CB

47447  1A66 0921 Llandudno-Euston

47404  1A41 0930 Llandudno-Euston

25323  1D34 0745 Man Vic-Bangor

40008  1J66 0944 Llandudno-Manchester                             CB-RH

47492  1K28 0920 Holyhead-Crewe                                      RH-PR

40124  1M08 0752 Leeds-Llandudno                                    PR-RH

47323  1D30 0735 Nottingham-Llandudno

47483  1D33 0930 Crewe-Holyhead

40029  1D35 0945 Manchester V-Bangor                              RH-LJ

25323  1157 Bangor-Manchester                                            LJ-CB

40141    D.Liners-Phot

47437  1J30 0900 Euston-Bangor

40181  1D29 1045 Manchester V-Holyhead-phot    

40077  1M71 0900 York-Llandudno                                     CB-LJ

47500  1A56 1259 Holyhead-Euston

40124  1E82 1353 Llandudno-Sheffield/York                      LJ-PR

40029  1J22 1358 Bangor-Manchester                                   PR-CH

47437  1A61 1436 Bangor-Euston                                         CH-CR           

86244  1A61 1436 Bangor-Euston                                         CR-MK


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