Pennine Summits tour, Sep 84

The “Pennine  Summits” Tour,  Saturday September 29th 1984

No rancid Crewe overnight for this tour, a very relaxed 0607 310 unit South off Leighton soon had me at Euston. The tour’s stock was hauled in not long after I arrived and it was puzzling to all why an 08 with 2 Pullman coaches was at the North end of the stock. Some claimed it was for a shunt release, so we all hovered by the doors till the gronk moved off and 86324 backed on. The Pullman coaches were added at Euston to make up the consist to the right load -14vb. An 86’3 rather than a “roarer” was a bit disappointing, but 324 still had a middle body arrow and looked a bit like a “roarer” and Euston was “can city” that morning.

A fast run to Nuneaton via Weedon where the first of the day’s pairs in 40155/40028 backed onto the rear of the stock for an atmospheric slog via Coalville, Derby, Tinsley, Healy Mills, Copy Pit, a Blackburn run round and then the S n C.

The hoped for fresh pair were waiting by the box at Carlisle and 40099 and 40104 returned us South via Shap. As they 40’s thrashed South through the dark, wilds of the Trent Valley me and a mate ventured forth to the front coach and were surprised to get an unguarded door window. As luck would have it, we slowed for a lengthy PWR slack, cue immense thrash as we cleared the “T” board, still raises the hairs on the back of my neck, thinking of that moment.

At Rugby the tour’s booked AC loco to Euston had vanished, this seemed to happen a lot on 40 tours! Sadly the 40’s didn’t go through, and to a huge round of laughter 31257 appeared to work the tour forward.

The laughter was perhaps on the other foot once past Kilsby summit, with a top driver, and a healthy steed in 31257, load 14 was moved at very respectable speeds South (see log below). A Watford leap and a 310 home to end a wonderful day out.

Pennine  Summits power

86324  0755 Euston-Carlisle “Pennine Summits” tour

Euston – Nuneaton via Weedon

40155} 0755 Euston-Carlisle “Pennine Summits” tour


Nuneaton-Carlisle via Wigston,Coalville, Derby, Barrow Hill, Tinsley, Wakefield K, Copy Pit, Blackburn, Settle, Carlisle

40099} 1733 Carlisle – Euston rtn “Pennine Summits” Tour


Via Shap, Preston, Crewe, Trent Valley, Rugby

31257  1733 Carlisle – Euston rtn “Pennine Summits” Tour

Via Weedon at very unpedestrian speeds!

The flying “ped”, 31257’s  finest hour!

                                    Sched                          Actual             Var     Av Speed

Rugby                         2137                            2155                +18      ……….

Weedon                      2146                            2212                +26      45

Hanslope                    2154                            2222                +28      80       

Bletchley                     2205                            2232                +37      58.5

Leighton                                                         2237                            75                   

Tring                          2215                            2246                +31      56.6

Berko                                                              2249                            80

Hemel                                                             2252                            54.3    

Apsley                                                             2253                            60.1

Kings L                                                          2255                            56.6

Watford Jn                2225                            2259                +34      54       

From Weedon to Watford only 8 minutes were lost on electric timings, not bad for a ped

Other gen from the day

86209  2215 (28/9) Glasgow-Euston

86313  1930 (28/9) Inverness-Euston

86230  0350 Euston-Bletchley

45051  0821 Bradford-Paignton

40086  0900 Bradford-Weymouth (to New St!), crossed North of Derby

47456  1740 Carlisle-Glasgow

86035  Birmingham-Blackpool Evex                         

47477  Birmingham-Blackpool Evex

86247  1827 Blackpool-Euston

47418 Llandudno-North Walsham Rtn Norfolk Nobbler Railtour

85029  1930 Liverpool-Euston Relief

85025  2250 Euston-Glasgow Nightrider

86235  2300 Euston-Glasgow

“Pennine  Summits” phot spot

 Apologies for neg quality, 86324 with the tour at Nuneaton at a time when a yard pilot was still in operation

 40155 and 40028 some miles off the end of the platform at Blackburn prior to running round


 the number of the beast,  355 at Garsdale

The pair rest at Garsdale during a photo stop , at the time Pullman stock on diesel hauled tours was unheard of, how this was to change in later years.

 Brighter weather further North at Carlisle where the headboard is about to removed and put on 40099/40104 for the run South

Any more ”Pennine Summit” memories to share?

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