Rugby dragging, Feb 26th 1983

“Dragging out of Rugby”,  Sat 260283

Continuing our popular “local drags” features…

 Nuneaton, line up!

The gen that had been passed down from the “big men” was that there was a “all day drag out of Rugby” on Saturday 260283. So with hopes of “rats, goyles and grids” dragging, the usual suspects filled a few seats (well,4!) in the power car of 310069 as it headed North from Leighton.

By Northampton the doubters were querying our “gen”, we bailed at Rugby only to be told by the ever soche supervisor that “theres no dragging till 11, and its only on the up ”…So we rejoined the 310 we’d just got off! Bailing at Cov for loco haulage in 50009 to New St.  A few Int’l leaps, then 31423 on the usual stagger to Nuneaton on the 1015 Birmingham-Norwich. There were very few bashers on Nuneaton but on seeing a line of nb 47’s stabled round the back, we knew “we were in”.

It was then a case of waiting for your “winner” to drag, as all up trains were making booked stops at Nuneaton and Rugby for loco changes. My moves are listed below, plus other known gen. The ole isolation was near Trent Valley Jn at Rugby but the powerwas only off on theup TV lines into Rugby, the down and Birmingham lines being unaffected. It was all due to bridge parapet renewal.

Sample moves..

47200} 0915 Manchester-Euston                                                        NU-RU


86210  1000 Euston-Holyhead                                                           RU-NU

47356} 1000 Liverpool-Euston                                                                                                     


47281} 0710 Glasgow-Euston


47357} 0920 Blackpool-Euston


31402    0903 Cambridge-Birmingham

86220  1055 Euston-Manchester

47330} 0810 Glasgow-Euston                                                           


47200} 1115 Manchester-Euston                   


47333} 1125 Liverpool-Euston                                                            NU-RU


So some “nb” local haulage in February saw me return home around lunchtime content with the morning out. There was to be a sting in the tail as the legendary Smudger Smith stayed on the drags all day and he and a good few others were rewarded as darkness fell.

The DMU forming the 1645 Leicester-Birmingham failed on arrival at Nuneaton and as what happened on our real railway at the time, assisting power was summoned! One of the umpteen nb 47’s hovering were not used, all being “allocated” for Rugby drags. 25302/25109 were summoned off the Nuneaton loco holding sidings to assist the DMU forward now well filled with bashers! Smudger advises there was a lot of “bellowing and flailing” as the big rats arrived at New St!

Happy days from 27 years ago, seems like yesterday in some ways!

260283 -Rugby drags, Phot spot

An exotic line up of nb drag power, 47330,357,200 and 333 at Nuneaton


47200 with 87008 panto down prior to departing with the 0915 Manchester-Euston

Variety in 25060 and 25226 with a van train bound for Leicester


Throbbing beast 56055 with MGR’s from Daw Mill


47356 drags 86208 South with the 1000 Liverpool – Euston

Additional gen from “TC” with thanks

  45128        Bedford – Leicester (not recorded)
  DMU          Leicester – Nuneaton
  47200(87008) Nuneaton – Rugby (09.15 ex Manchester)
  86220        Rugby – Nuneaton (10.55 Euston – Manchester)
  47333(86233) Nuneaton – Rugby (11.25 ex Liverpool)
  EMU          Rugby – Birmingham
  31402        Birmingham – Nuneaton (15.08 Birmingham – Cambridge)
  47357(87020) Nuneaton – Rugby (15.15 ex Manchester)
  EMU          Rugby – Birmingham
  31421        Birmingham – Leicester (18.18 Birmingham – Norwich)
  45143        Leicester – Bedford  (19.07 Derby – St. Pancras)

  I presume the move off 47200 at Rugby onto 86210 back to Nuneaton was rather tight. As I have a picture of 47200 at Rugby, I presume I caught the next one back north.

  Of the other three nb’s out that day, 47281 was had on 18.06.83 on the 06.29 Bradford – Weymouth, 47330 on the 14.07.84 on the 15.59 Yarmouth – Birmingham, 47356 on a tour on 20.02.94 out of Manchester.

  These drags were my only trips with 47200 and 47357, 47333 was had on 30.07.83 between Birmingham and Wolverhampton, with the 19.45 ex Paddington.


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