Steamin out the Street, Nov 82

Steaming on Table 22 trains, plus Cromptons to Hurst Green, Nov 82

Liverpool St station around 0820 on Thursday November 18th 1982 is busy, noisy and atmospheric with the likes of 31202, 37052 and 47572 all on the blocks. A day return to Ely is purchased but the 0835 Kings Lynn is flagged for dud but noisy 37049 on the 0853 Cambridge.

We bail at Bishops and 31278 on an up freight was looped onto the Down main line through platform to allow 37115 to pass on an up express. Dud “Stratford rubbish” 37052 was flagged for a newie in 31202 on the following 1005 Liverpool St – Cambridge.

On arrival here namer 47085 was photted on the 1035 Lynn and during the 2 hour fester at a busy Cambridge the highlight was 31243 arriving on a track train from March. 31413 appeared from nowhere to work the 1235 Lynn which we did to Ely. This white stripe goyle was steaming! still being a dual heat machine.

31185 and 31312 were viewed at Ely on Peterborough bound cross country workings whilst 47085 as expected soon returned us to Cambridge on the “up Lynn”.

A big surprise was that 31243 was now steaming away at the head of the 1444 Cambridge – Liverpool St slow which we joined, in a front coach compo and sat back to enjoy the thrash from the big goyle. Plenty thrash there was too as 31243 made booked calls at Audley End, Newport, Elsenham, Stansted, Bishops and Harlow a journey time from Cambridge of 80 minutes for the 55 miles, great fun!

No time to view much power at the Street as it was then hitting the London streets time with many homebound city types passing the Monument before crossing London Bridge in darkness.

London Bridge was busy with commuters and an endless procession of mainly EPB’s of the 2 and 4 car variety some in 12 car formations.

We escaped to the calm of the terminal platforms to bag front coach seats in a dim, dusty but warm TSO with 33064 at the head of the 1720 London Bridge – Uckfield. This thrashed in style until near Norwood Jn where her driver gave her a rest on the leveller gradient to East Croydon. A short fester then from East Croydon 33032 thrashed hard on the climb to Warlingham before we bailed at Oxted. A pathetic 0.94 miles from albeit dud 33061 from Oxted to Hurst Green where we stood back to watch the Hankton thrash away in style as commuters scuttled home.

A thumper back to East Croydon, some unit to Victoria for the tube to Euston where as i departed on my trusty 310 unit home 81005, 85031 and 85036 were all on late evening departures for the North, not bad at all.

The days moves

37049 1P60 0853 Liverpool St-Cambridge Liverpool St – Bishops S

31202 2P64 1005 Liverpool St-Cambridge Bishops S – Cambridge

31413 1P72 1235 Liverpool St-King’s Lynn (steaming) Cambridge -Ely

47085 1C79 1335 Kings Lynn-Liverpool St Ely – Cambridge

31243 2C81 1444 Cambridge-Liverpool St Cambridge – Liverpool St

33064 2U14 1720 London Bridge-Uckfield LondonBridge – East Croydon

33032 1U16 1734 London Bridge-East Grinstead East Croydon – Oxted

33061 2U19 1750 London Bridge-East Grinstead Oxted – Hurst Green

Some phots from the day, 18th November 82

31268 arrives at Bishops with the 0944 Cambridge – Liverpool St

31278 on an up freight is looped on the down through road at Bishops as 37115 passes with 0701 Ipswich – Liverpool St (via Cam)

The Cambridge pilot was always bulled up as seen in this 08889 view

The mighty “Mammoth” 47085 at Cambridge with the 1035 Liverpool St – Kings Lynn

Still tablet catcher recess 31243 arrives at Cambridge on a track train from March

47116 leaves Cambridge with the 1135 Kings Lynn-Liverpool St

31413 which was steaming at a grey Ely with the 1235 Liverpool St – Kings Lynn

Other Gen from the day

47116 1P58 0835 Liverpool St-Kings Lynn

31202 1C55 0700 Cambridge-Liverpool St

37052 1C57 0719 Cambridge-Liverpool St

47572 1C01 0625 Norwich-Liverpool St

47085 1C61 0731 Ely-Liverpool St

37115 1C93 0701 Ipswich-Liverpool St

37052 1P62 0935 Liverpool St-Cambridge

31268 1C65 0944 Cambridge-Liverpool St

47085 1P66 1035 Liverpool St-Kings Lynn

37115 1P68 1105 Liverpool St -Cambridge

37036 2P70 1205 Liverpool St-Cambridge

31185 2B71 1000 Ipswich-Peterboro

31312 1B42 1217 Harwich-Peterboro

37092 1P74 1305 Liverpool St – Cambridge

47580 1P31 1620 Liverpool St-Yarmouth

37115 1P86 1635 Liverpool St-King’s Lynn

81005 1S06 2100 Euston-Stranraer

85031 1S05 2055 Euston-Inverness

85036 1G46 2030 Euston-Wolverhampton


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