Table 135 Reliefs, Jan 3rd 1983

Table 135 reliefs, Monday January 3rd 1983

Back in the days of the real railway, relief trains were run at the end of holiday periods to get the extra passengers home. Today an engineering blockade or a restricted fully booked train service operates.

January 3rd was a Bank Holiday as New Years day had been on a Saturday. A good few reliefs, a basic Saturday service of sorts, except on the Southern Region who, as ever, operated a Sunday service!

I opted to cover the table 135 reliefs out of Padd as they tied in nicely with the only hauled Cobbler service that day. I was expecting a “rancid can” as my first loco of 1983 so was leaping around when the big yellow front of a “roarer” appeared round the corner on approach to Leighton station. Even better, it was a “fish” in 81017! The “fish” screamed South on the fast lines throughout and the front coach was pretty quiet apart from the loco noise. The usual slow tube ride to Padd where the hoped for steam heat gala didnt happen. ETH power was dominant so i joined a reasonable steaming 47096 on the 1027 Padd – Penzance relief to Reading.

With the Southern region operating a Sunday service this meant some Reading – Pompeys were hauled with 33110 viewed on the 1100 ex Reading. After a 40 minute fester a required 50033 took me forward to Oxford, where 45077 was missed on the 0820 Liverpool – Padd, this was only the second steam heat loco seen in passenger service all morning. A winning 47446 returned me to Reading where the 2nd relief off Padd was viewed with 47124.

With the 2 up reliefs covered and rejected with 50006 and 47140 as power it was a boring fester at a grey Reading for the hoped for winner which didnt materialise that day. To be sure of making the evening Cobbler off Euston i joined a noisy 50022 back to Padd.

Although it was now very dark, the day was brightened considerably by 85011 on the 1716 Euston – Northampton for 40 fun miles to Leighton, A dullish day had ended on a high!    

030183 phot spot..

 Table 135 reliefs for the day

 47248 at Reading with what i think is a parcels service, 030183

 Sulzer power in 47124 storming out of Reading with the 1327 Padd – Penzance relief, 030183

  Roarer power in the form of 85011 at Euston prior to screaming and howling north with the 1716 Euston – Northampton on 030183

030183 the gen and moves

86237  1J20 0740 Euston-Shrewsbury

81017  1A42 0736 Northampton-Euston                               LB-EU

50027  1A57 0750 Oxford-Padd


47096  1B27 1027 Padd-Penzance Rlf                                  PA-RG

33110  2O06 1100 Reading-Portsmouth H

47487  1O74 0730 Manchester-Brighton

47511  0939 Poole-York Rlf

47562  0939 Poole-York Rl (ex R)

47545  1M50 0920 Brighton-Manchester

50033  1O03 0720 Liverpool-Poole

50014  1A26 1050 Padd-Oxford

50032  1A19 1105 Oxford-Padd

47486  1O03 0720 Liverpool-Poole

50033  1E63 0942 Poole-Leeds/Sheffield                              RG-OX

47565  1E63 0942 Poole-Leeds/Sheffield

45077  1V68 0820 Liverpool-Padd

50014  1A31 1208 Oxford-Padd

47446  1O15 0925 Manchester-Poole                                    OX-RG

47508  1A30 1150 Padd-Oxford

50006  0815 Penzance-Padd Rlf

50037  1M14 1250 Padd-Liverpool

47511  1O15 0925 Manchester-Poole

50032  2A36 1301 Padd-Oxford

47124  1B84 1327 Padd-Penzance Rlf

50040 U.parcels-phot

47140  0923 Penzance-Padd Rlf

47543  1A34 1350 Padd-Oxford

47440  1M71 1242 Poole-Manchester

47446  1M71 1242 Poole-Manchester

50024  1V78 1034 Manchester-Padd

33110  2V37 1308 Portsmouth H-Reading

47484  2A46 1401 Padd-Oxford

50023  1M07 1450 Padd-Liverpool

50022  1V88 1120 Liverpool-Padd                                        RG-PA

47477  1A42 1622 Padd-Oxford


85011  1B06 1716 Euston-Northampton                               EN-LB


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