The 0100 Glasgow – Oban

The trains we did, 2B01 0100 Glasgow – Oban.

This was a classic overnight delivering mail, papers and a few passengers to the remoter regions of the West Highlands. The train was about load 5 with passenger accommodation in 4 vehicles so there was always plenty of room. It was nicknamed the ghost train! Leaving Queen St around 0100 the service was booked to cross a freight at Crianlarich. It seemed strange stirring at Crianlarich around 3am as a small Sulzer passed on 8C05 0105 Oban – Cadder freight and opened up in the otherwise silent landscape.

Arrival in Oban was just after 4 am meaning a fester at a deserted Oban for 3 hours before you returned on the 0740 to Glasgow.

2B01 Passing times.

Glasgow QS 0100

Garelochhead 0155

Arrochar 0218

Crianlarich 0255/0313

Tyndrum L 0310

Dalmally 0331

Taynuilt 0353

Connel Ferry 0407

Oban 0426

Asking around it seems as if few of us did this train as I believe it ceased running as an advertised passnger train in May 76. Ran as a parcel train (non advertised passenger?) possibly till 1979, then became advertised passenger until discontinued on Jan 5th 1981. My sole move on this train was on 080875. I was on a Freedom and arrived at Queen St on a late running 1635 Inverness-Glasgow. Camped out in the rancid yellow egg shell seats at the back of the station the usual ritual of an uncompromising BTP, plus Alsation, clearing the station of drunks, lost tourists etc followed. When I said I was Oban bound I was directed to an unadvertised rake of stock on the far platform steaming away nicely. Power was a winner in 27043. I remember that we seemed to be at Crainlarich for a long time and then the freight arrived from the North.

Oban at 0400 am was obviously virtually deserted in the dawn light. It was a pleasure to watch the sun come up on what thankfully a warm summers day. A bakers was found a few hours later and the stock of the 0740 to Glasgow was rejoined an hour or so before departure.

The days moves

24113/26014 1635 Inverness-Glasgow QS 070875

27043 0100 Glasgow-Oban 080875

27043 0740 Oban-Glasgow 080875 (to Arrochar)

27020 1005 Glasgow – Mallaig (to Fort William)

27029 1005 Glasgow – Mallaig (ex Fort William)

27029 1405 Mallaig – Glasgow (to FW)

27043 should perhaps be added to our big loco list as her early withdrawal on 210480 due fire damage. This saw her missed by many bashers. She remained very visible as the Eastfield rerailing loco from 1981-85 before the body, wrapped in plastic (due asbestos) was buried in Patersons tip, Glasgow.

27043 phot-spot.

A Glenn Jones phot of the star of 2B01, 27043 dumped at Eastfield, 250781

Additional gen 5368 (later 27022) worked 0100 Queen St – Oban 060772

Additional gen 25023 worked 0100 Queen St – Oban on 140878

Additional gen 27018 worked the 0100 Queen St – Oban on 100780 and was just load 2 composed of CK 16098 and BG 80595.

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