The Addiscombe branch remembered

Addiscombe remembered.

 Addiscombe March 93

Even in the London area  the Southern in particular had several atmospheric branches which were always worth a visit. Addiscombe was a short 2 mile branch off the Hayes line with Elmers End being the junction station. Woodside was the only intermediate Station on the branch. Addiscombe even featured in a regular “Travelcard” move as below………………!

February 25th 1994

205028} 1703 London Bridge – Uckfield      London Bridge-East Croydon


6310  1735 Addiscombe – Elmers End           Addiscombe – Elmers End

1609} 1737 Hayes – Cannon St                      Elmers End – Cannon St


You would leap off the “thumpers” at East Croydon and walk/run down the Lebanon Rd to Addiscombe. Your feet would echo off the wooden booking office floor whilst the 2 car EPB made all sorts of noises! The booked “CEP” (rare Hayes branch booked turn for a CEP) would return you to Cannon St, a very different London to lonely Addiscombe.

Other unit leaps -March 22nd 1993

6413 1427 Elmers End – Addiscombe Elmers End – Addiscombe

6413 1448 Addiscombe – Elmers End Addiscombe – Elmers End

April 10th 1993

6416 1627 Elmers End – Addiscombe Elmers End – Addiscombe

6416 1648 Addiscombe – Elmers End (cab ride) Addiscombe – Elmers End

December 15thth 1993

6318 1457 Elmers End – Addiscombe Elmers End – Addiscombe

6318 1514 Addiscombe – Elmers End Addiscombe – Elmers End

December 18th 1993

6318 1357 Elmers End – Addiscombe Elmers End – Addiscombe

6318 1414 Addiscombe – Elmers End (cab ride) Addiscombe – Elmers End

January 8th 1994

6315 1357 Elmers End – Addiscombe Elmers End – Addiscombe

February 17th 1994

6310 1735 Addiscombe – Elmers End Addiscombe – Elmers End

July 25th 1994

6417 1920 Elmers End – Addiscombe Elmers End – Addiscombe

Several railtours visited the branch bringing at least class 33/56/73 power to the branch.

“Electro Diesel grice” on 201279 saw 73106 and 2 TC units visit

“Gyre and Gimble” on 120388 brought 73138 and TC to the branch

“Merry Wives” on 150593 saw 33023’s last passenger working, 56031 took the tour (Mk I/II stock) out of Addiscombe

“EPB End of an Era” farewell on 150495 brought 5001/5176 tback to old haunts. (The units stabled in the adjacent carriage shed until early 90’s)

The “Christmas Pudding” on 301295 brought 33109 dragging VEP units 3591 and 3500

Service trains worked as a half hourly shuttle to and from Elmers End, 2 car EPB’s the staple diet though 2 car 465’s featured in the final years, Trains were very quiet off peak.

As a result of a signal box fire the run down of the branch begun with singling and the closure of the carriage sheds in late 1995, the ticket office also closed. But even unstaffed, the station and branch retained real atmosphere until closure in May 1997. The last day saw service trains worked by 466016. The final tour featured units 3543/44 with the tour visiting Addiscombe at 2212! after the final service trains on May 31st 1997. Another chink of real railway lost.

A tramway uses much of the track bed from Elmers End, housing covers the station site but a small railway garden allows access to some of the old track bed and memories!

Addiscombe phots

Dave Spencer scratched the Addiscombe branch on September 22nd 1984 with 5702 seen after arrival with the 1431 from Elmers End

Dave Spencer’s phot of 73138 with 4TC’s 8104 and 8034 in tow with the Gyre and Gimble railtour on March 12th 1988. This tour covered much of the Southern London network and is seen here at Elmers End prior to a run down to Addiscombe.

Thanks to Bob Impett for this Addiscombe view of the Gyre and Gimble tour at Addiscombe on March 12th 1988

 Addiscombe EPB 6413 with 1448 to Elmers End 220393

 33023 final passenger working was the “Merry Wives” tour to Addiscombe, a tour which crossed Bletchley Flyover earlier (with 31’s) on 150593

  56031 waits to work the “Merry Wives” forward to Windsor with Addiscombe’s carriage sheds behind again on 150593

 “Jail wagon” 6318 on the 1514 to Elmers End with units stabled on the right on 151293

 EPB farewell at Addiscombe with 5001 and 5176 on 150495. Semaphores and signal box in far background

 33109 with the “Christmas Pudding” tour at Addiscombe on 301295

and finally from Kevin Lane’s excellent Flickr site heres the view of the station as you approached from East Croydon

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