The Hemel trolley incident, Nov 84

The Hemel  trolley derailment , November 20th 1984

Phots and gen courtesy of Neil Evans collection, his late father being on the train involved.

310059 and 310081 were on an early morning commuter service that after picking up at Leighton Buzzard was non stop to Watford Jn. On passing Hemel Hempstead station the lead unit collided with a tractor and brutes that were still on the flat crossing at the South end of the station.

The tractor driver had presumably jumped clear just before impact. The lead bogies of the unit’s lead coach were derailed before coming to a halt South of the station. The Passengers were walked back to Hemel, and the fast lines once reopened restored most services to normal

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 310059 with front bogie derailed stands after the event South of Hemel station. The staff member is presumably the driver involved

 The remains of a BRUTE can be seen lodged under the bogie of 310059

 Passengers are detrained to walk back to Hemel station

 Later that morning a down 310 passes the BRUTE tractor close to the flat crossing at Hemel station

 The remains of a BRUTE South of Hemel station.

Thanks again to Neil Evans for the images and memories of what could have been a much more serious derailment. 31 years later there was a similar derailment at the nearby entrance to Watford tunnel North portal caused by a landslip rather than a “BRUTE” on the line….


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