The Silver Jubilee tour, March 83

40’s to Euston and beyond, March 4th and 5th 1983


Power from the Keynes was a very average 86235, the up “cobbler” crossed near Roade was much more real in 85002. After the previous day’s  massive oil train derailment and “fireball” on Acton Grange viaduct, the gen was  that “some services were subject to diversion” North of Crewe. At Crewe both boilered and nb 47’s were dragging most “Scotch” services North.

In the hope of 40 drag action at the North end I joined 47193.    A slow journey via Stockport, Reddish, Manchester Vic and  Eccles to Wigan where the 47 was detached. As hoped for,  a 40 in 40012 produced, but on a down van train and then returned South on an up Vans. Spirits improved when 40060 arrived on a down drag and this was rejoined on her next turn, an up Bristol.

The 40 took the direct route South but had to reverse back to the DF at Warrington BQ station, rejoining the UF via an emergency crossover a few miles South. A leap at Crewe saw me quickly returning North behind 47088. 47199 passed us on the approach to Warrington BQ on an up drag. I leapt here anyway and watched 47199 set back down the bank once 47088 had departed. The rear coach drew level with the platform and 199 was joined unchallenged. This is the only time I have ever joined a train on it’s second departure from the same station!, a new loco for me as well!

More 47 haulage including 47326 plus an early evening run to Chester before 40034 produced on a sleeper drag. Some of the normals were complaining about the “heating going off”, we didn’t!. 40034 came off at Wigan for a burst behind train engine 85035 to Preston.

The Moves

067      0540 Euston-M.Keynes                                              L.Buzzard-Bletchley

046      0559 Euston-Birmingham                                           Bletchley-M.Keynes

86235  0650 Euston-Manchester                                            M.Keynes-Crewe

47193}            0810 Birmingham-Glasgow/Edin                               Crewe-Wigan  (via Man)


40060}            0915 Glas/Edin-Bristol                                               Wigan-Crewe


47088}            1200 Euston-Blackpool                                              Crewe-Warrington BQ


47199}            1115 Glas/Edin-Birmingham                                      Warrington BQ-Crewe


47078}            1400 Euston-Carlisle                                                   Crewe-Wigan  (via Man)


47326}            1727 Blackpool-Euston                                              Wigan – Crewe (via Man)


47488  1900 Euston-Holyhead                                               Crewe-Chester

47447  2023 Holyhead-Euston                                               Chester-Crewe

40034}            2055 Euston-Inverness                                               Crewe-Wigan


85035  2055 Euston-Inverness                                               Wigan-Preston

Other Gen

85002  0736 Northampton-Euston

47326}            0600 Carlisle-Euston                                                  


47193}            0723 Glasgow-Birmingham


47089}            0745 Euston-Glasgow


47089}            1010 Glasgow-Euston


40060}            0845 Euston-Glasgow


47326}            1010 Glasgow-Euston


47078}            1233 Blackpool-Euston


33044  1608 Crewe-Cardiff

47290}            1703 Preston-Euston Relief


47326}            1445 Euston-Glasgow                                                           


47078}            1030 Inverness-Euston


40028 2354  Preston-Blackpool


As if the prospect of a long Preston overnight wasn’t bad enough, I then had to flag off 40028 on the 2354 Blackpool here as there was no safe return train and then it was the lovely Preston waiting room fester for several hours. I was beginning to worry about making the tour at Huddersfield and missing a Trans Pennine thrash.

So in a flap I joined the first up overnight with dud 47089 dragging 86030 on the first up Inverness. Even the 86’0 didn’t power! This was to prove a serious “man of jelly” move as the following drags were much better in 40170 and 40157. And yes at least the following 40170 made the “dino” move to Stockport for Stalybridge.  A good crowd joined 47527 at  Stalybridge on the Trans Pennine.

A short wait at a cold, grey Huddersfield then the quoted steaming ER beasts in 40084 and 086 were joined on an already atmospheric “Silver Jubilee” CFPS tour. We thrashed over the hills passing , to much  flailing from the “peak men” a class 46 on another Trans Pennine. We eased past the long silent lines of 76’s at Guide Bridge before I dossed out. I awoke near home and negotiated a door vestibule bellowing position for passing, well early, my home ”shack” of Leighton Buzzard.

A good crowd were waiting for us to arrive at Euston, the rumoured engine change to “some electric” at Willesden to work us into the fume free Euston being a ”wind up”. The pair looked excellent at the blocks at Euston especially so on ”suburban” platform 11.

With the stock released and the pair photted we were soon back on the move with the atmosphere enlivened as we climbed Camden bank. Being seated just 3 coaches back there was much “wall of sound” noise from up front in Watford tunnel. A storm down the Trent then a Crewe bail ,along with a fair few other Southern bashers. The tour continued to Edge Hill before returning over the Pennines whilst for me, with the drags finished, it was a can called “Josh” home on the “Clansman”.   

2 enjoyable days were finally over.  

The Moves             

47089}            1930 Inverness-Euston                                               Preston-Crewe


044      0750 Crewe-Altricinham                                            Crewe-Stockport

50354}            0835 Stockport-Stalybridge                                        Stockport-Stalybridge


47528  0805 Liverpool-Newcastle                                          Stalybridge-Huddersfield

40084/40086}  York-Euston Silver Jubilee Railtour                           Huddersfield-Euston  40086}            (via Guide Br, Crewe, Rugby)

40086}            Euston-Huddersfield Railtour                                    Euston-Crewe


86236  1030 Inverness-Euston                                               Crewe-Coventry

092      1921 Birmingham-Euston                                           Coventry-L.Buzzard

Other Gen     

85002  2100 Euston-Stranrear

85001  2310 Glasgow-Euston

85034  2150 Glasgow-Euston

86006  2121 Bristol-Edin/Glas

47089}            2240 Euston-Inverness


47088}            2350 Glasgow-Euston


40170}            1900 Stranraer-Euston                                   


40157}            2030 Inverness-Euston


45144  0710 York-Sheffield

46010  0905 Liverpool-Scarborough

33025  1225 Crewe-Cardiff                                                  

81009  1600 Euston-Crewe

“Silver Jubilee” Phot spot from 050383

 40084 and 40086 storm South well early at Ledburn Jn, an N.Ross collection phot

  The big pair at the suburban platform’s blocks at Euston

 After the stock was released the pair ran to WN for servicing

40086 and 40084 approach bridge 139 at Old Linslade as the light fades, the fast line storm from Euston to Crewe on the return “Silver Jubilee” was unforgettable…

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