The Waverly tour, Oct 84

The Waverly Railtour remembered, 131084

A 0630 Saturday start from New St, meant an overnight. The fatal Wembley crash involving 310067 and 4D62 liner meant a very restricted WCML service south of Coventry.

Gen from Bletchley PSB was that most Liverpool/Manchesters were being diverted to St Pancras with West Midlands services diverted to Padd. A limited unit only rush hour from Harrow/Watford was expected with just a few services being diverted via the Euston – Watford “DC” which was unaffected by the crash

Friday October 12th 1984

095}    1820 Watford-Rugby                                     L.Buzzard – Rugby


thought this would be a horrendous wedge but it seemed most commuters had opted

for the day off after the previous evening’s nightmare journey. Plus 2 x 310 offered a good

few seats anyway. No hauled “Cobblers” tonight.

312201            1955 Rugby-Birmingham                   Rugby – Coventry

Rancid unit power would much rather have had a 310 or 304.

47281  1V16 1728 Manchester-Padd                                     Coventry – Banbury

47078  1830 Padd-Wolverhampton                            Banbury – Leamington

“nb” but was hoping for something better on this diverted train..

47469  1M41 1848 Brighton-Derby                           Leamington – New St

Other Gen

47509  1F40 1733 Padd-Twyford (ext Birmingham)

86225  1V16 1728 Manchester-Padd

47336  1800 Padd-Wolverhampton

classic “nb” kick out on a WCML diversion.

47453  1M40 1703 Poole-Liverpool

47279  1620 Holyhead-Padd

47365  1949 Shrewsbury-Padd

47592  1V19 1902 Manchester-Padd

47620  1900 Padd-Wolves

Saturday October 13th 1984

85004  1S19 2124 Bristol-Glas/Edin                          New St – Crewe

Happiness is a “roarer” like 85004 on an overnight. Bit of a struggle being woken and having to leave the cosy warmth of a MK ii for a cold Crewe station.

81002  1G00 0350 Crewe-Birmingham                      Crewe – New St

G00 was normally in Crewe some hours before departre and the lead coaches were often

well filled with sleeping bashers by 3am.

47238  1D02 0238 Crewe-Holyhead

47507  1V01 0204 Crewe-Cardiff

86319  1S25 2240 Euston-Inverness

31417  1E62 0530 Wolverhampton-Harwich

56088  0625 Wolverhampton-Padd

The RESL “Waverly” tour, Saturday October 13th 1984

We were happy with front coach seats and an 81 at the business end. There were howls of anguish when the rumoured 56088 passed with a Wolves- Padd WCML diversion. Departing at 0625 there was no chance of making the tour at New St off the 56. A Contol “wind up” we were later told, certainy worked. Once 40181 and 40079 were up front for a mileage move to Carstairs via the S n C, much of Kingmoor yard and Beattock. The run was a good one. 37139 replaced the 40’s at Carstairs with a run via the Edinburgh surburban and main line to Springburn. Here the booked visit to Eastfield depot saw a good few 27/37’s viwed on this top shed.

Back at Springburn 20137/20039 headed the tour South through Gartcosh to Moss End where just 40079 was waiting. 40181 had failed needing replacement brake blocks apparently. The single 40 slogged over Beattock but i succumbed to sleep from Carlisle southwards. I was awoken by “its a rancid can” being bellowed in my face! With no obvious “roarer” on service trains as a substitute home it was lovely 86214 to New St. 310’s powered me home including using the 0015 Birmingham – Euston,  a useful, popular train lost to the wanders of privisation  a few years later..


81020  1Z37 0630 Birmingham-Edinburgh Railtour              New St  Crewe

40079}            1Z37 0630 Birmingham-Edinburgh Railtour              Crewe – Carstairs (via

40181}                                                                                                S n C, Kingmoor yd)

37139  1Z37 0630 Birmingham-Edinburgh Railtour  Carstairs – Springburn (via Edin)

20137}            1Z37 1412 Edinburgh-Birmingham Railtour              Springburn – Mossend


40079  1Z37 1412 Edinburgh-Birmingham Railtour              Mossend-Crewe

86214  1Z37 1412 Edinburgh-Birmingham Railtour              Crewe-New St

087}    2321 Birmingham-Northampton                                 New St – Northampton


Sunday October 14th 1984

095}    0015 Birmingham-Euston                   Northampton – L.Buzzard


Other gen

27059  1S37 1240 Carlisle-Glasgow

31405}            1E33 1635 Carlisle-Hull


85025  1S81 2050 Carlisle-Perth

47529  1M12 1640 Nottingham-Barrow

Waverly tour phot spot

 All eyes on 40181 and 40079 as they are uncoupled from the tour at Carstairs

 Classic Eastfield depot scene with 27055

 37085 alongside the Eastfield depot breakdown crane

 37139 passes Eastfield South with the tour ECS

 20137 and 20039 are photted from the tour in the Springburn area as darkness descends

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