The Western Tribute tour, Feb 26 1977

Western Tribute , Saturday 26th February 1977

·        The Memories

The day dawned bright and sunny, very rare in my 3 years as a Swansea student being more regularly monsooned upon! on the long walk to Swansea High St, East Dock and Landore depot. Arriving at High St around 1100 there was already a small group of enthusiasts awaiting the tour. The word was “right time” and was “a  pair”.  A few 47’s came and went including visiting 47012 (BS), plus a few “flying bananas”(HST’s) .

Then bedlam as 1023 and 1013 arrived with the tour, with the biggest headboard I’d ever seen. I had arranged to meet a Luton based mate during the tour run round but it was chaos, enthusiasts everywhere, up lampposts, signal posts, the track and everywhere else! The mood was celebratory almost, no time to dwell on the last “Whizzo’s” in South Wales or even “BR”, just get the phots and memories in!

About an hour later the tour departed for the South West and finally Paddington, Swansea High Street returned to quiet Saturday afternoon normality. After 47483 arrived on the 1015 “Padd” I wandered up Prince of Wales Road to Landore depot.

About 25 locos were on , the usual stuff mind, and all was a bit subdued after the earlier fun during the tour run round. Returning home from the depot, I stopped  at Hafod Bridge, a small footbridge over the lines into High St, a bit North of the station.

A snarling, growling, smoking, hooting, grubby 37236 on a passing parcels soon restored my faith,  no more “Whizzos”, but plenty “syphons” to enjoy in South Wales!!!   

·        The Gen

Swansea High Street, (1100-1345)

253008   1100 Swansea-Padd

47131    1112 Swansea-Carmarthen

253006  0800 Padd-Swansea

47145    Swansea-Padd Parcels

47012  1208 Swansea-Fishguard H

253006  1200 Swansea – Padd

253012  0900 Padd-Swansea

08848  Pilot

08942  Pilot

1013 and 1023 “Western Tribute”, “Farewell Railtour” arr 1235 dep 1336


47483  1015 Padd-Swansea

253005 1400 Swansea-Padd

87A -Landore

37306, 47496, 37305, 37184, 47494, 47128, 47498, 37142, 47507, 37191, 37183, 37290,

08663, 08660, 08286, 37224, 47495, 03119, 03151, 47540, 47473, 03144, 08578, 37192,

47530, 03120, 08819

Hafod Bridge

37236 pcls                              

·        The phots

Apologies for the quality of these but they are print scans of faded Kodak Instamatic’s we all had back then, and it was 34 years ago they were taken……

 The impressively large headboard carried here by “Ranger”

 1023 and 1013 run round the tour at Swansea High St

 1013 and 1023 leave Swansea for the last time….

 The session ended with 47483 arriving with the 1015 Padd-Swansea 

Saturday February 26th 1977 a day etched on the memory of  many enthusiasts…..

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