“Up Brum”, June 1983

“Up Brum”, Saturday June 18th 1983

Thanks to Trevor Rolfe

180883, The Moves

86326 from Euston up to New Street

50045 New St to International

87008 International to new St

25259 & 315 New St to Wolves

86234 Wolves to New St

33008 New Street to Coventry

86316 Coventry to New St

50032 New St to Coventry

47199 Coventry to New St

45016 New Street to Nuneaton

31420 & 424 Nuneaton to Hinckley

8 different classes of loco…quite a variety!!

180683, The Phots, thanks to Trevor Rolfe

 Classic New St, 2 class 85’s await their next turns, stabled outside the power box

  the “12 o’clock rats” in 25259/25315 back onto 1J24 1010 Euston-Aber (terminating Shrewsbury that day)

 Eastleigh’s finest!, 33008 prior to working the 1320 Manchester-Portsmouth forward from New St

 Parallel running at Nuneaton, 45016 departs with the 1420 Paignton-Nottingham

Thanks to “TR” for the gen and phots, instant memories!

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