All Line rover, April 84

The freedom of the world, an All line Rover 1984

Sunday April 8th 1984

            Euston station late on a Sunday evening with an “All line” in your back pocket, time to head North! The departure board was virtually filled with the many calling points for the 2210 Sleeper to Fort William and Inverness. I’m soon aboard my roomy, declassified FO so popular on overnights and a wide single seat bagged. 87023 “Highland Chieftain” is my screaming power up front.

87023  1S05 2210 Euston-Inverness/F.William                     Euston-Mossend

Monday April 9th 1984

            A good night’s doss then in the murk of Mossend yard the unusual combined sound of a “syphon” plus single beat whirring “Ethel” replaced 87023. From Cowlairs a classic Eastfield “kick out” would drag us down the incline to Glasgow Queen St. Claims of 26/27 or nb 37 were commonplace but today’s power was a very disappointing boilered 37039. The sleeper then went forward as the 0550 to Fort William and most of the bashers aboard moved up to the empty front “day” coaches  before dossing out again!

            The Tyndrum Upper leap followed which involved descending down the steep pine trail “road” several hundred yards to the main road. In Tyndrum village here was a garage and a small cafe. The laid back Highland service at the cafe sometimes made it a tight leap for those risking a full breakfast and “bowled at Tyndrum was a nightmare for a few. From the cafe it was back along the main road before another trail to “Tyndrum Lower” passing the noisy guard geese at the Royal Hotel.

            From Tyndrum Lower it was an old South Wales “steamer” acquaintance in 37175 on the Oban – Glasgow. So we all sat back to enjoy the scenery, thrash and fell asleep again! Moves then included 37081 from Helensburgh back to Arrochar for the cross platform leap onto 37026 for the twisting descent through the trees and along the Clyde back to Glasgow.

            A “shove duff” to Edinburgh then a classic “Circuit train” of 5 elderly steaming Mk II’s and vb 27010 as power, Our 27 put in a good “tip top” performance along the coast. 27021 was to later produce at Perth on a lightweight  1710 Arbroath with a class 26 unexpectedly following us into Dundee on the 1638 from Glasgow. Once shunt released 26008 put in a solid “tea cup” performance on the return 1918 Dundee – Glasgow as shown by the timings extract below:

26008 2T51 1918 Dundee – Glasgow, load 7vb – 090484

Station/MP      Sched arr         dep  Actual arr    dep    Pass  variance  av speed

Gleneagles                               1959                    2002.03            +3               17       

135                                                                              2003.48                       46

134                                                                              2005.05                       58

133                                                                              2006.07                       65

132                                                                              2007.02                       73       

130                                                                              2008.40                       76

129                                                                              2009.27                       76

128                                                                              2010.14                       78

127                                                                              2011                            76

126                                                                              2011.47                       73

125                                                                              2012.36                       40

124                                                                              2014.04                       40

Dunblane     2011                                      2016.05                     +5                …

            I bailed at Stirling off 26008 to cover a very late down Aberdeen which was eh so after food it was back to Queen St for 27014 on the 2238 Glasgow-Dundee.

37033} 1S05 2210 Euston-Fort William                     Mossend-Cowlairs


37039  1S05 2210 Euston-Fort William                     Cowlairs-Queen St

37033} 1B07 0550 Glasgow-Mallaig                          Queen St-Tyndrum U


37175  1T16 0800 Oban-Glasgow                             Tyndrum L-Helensburgh U

37081  1B10 0950 Glasgow-Fort William                 Helensburgh U-Arrochar

37026  1T24 0840 Fort William-Glasgow                 Arrochar – Queen St

47708  1O29 1300 Glasgow-Edinburgh                    Queen St-Haymarket

47002  2G541221 Dundee-Edinburgh                       Haymarket – Waverly

27010  2L44 1417 Edinburgh-Dundee                       Waverly-Dundee

47593  1T42 1455 Aberdeen-Glasgow                      Dundee-Perth

27021  2L50 1710 Perth-Arbroath                            Perth-Dundee

26008  2T51 1918 Dundee-Glasgow                          Dundee-Stirling

47701  1T58 1855 Aberdeen-Glasgow                      Stirling-Queen St

27014  2L66  2238 Glasgow-Dundee                         Queen St-Perth

Tuesday April 10th 1984     

            26036 followed us into Perth on 1S81 and went forward on the 0105 Aberdeen “coast overnight”. I opted for the “internal overnight” with dull 47595 as power. Once woken on arrival in Inverness around 5am a good few of us semi sleep walked round the deserted station concourse and continued our doss in a the nice warm “compo” of the 0640 to Wick/Thurso.

            The standard move followed with me bailing off 37262 at Dingwall for 26041 forward.  The Achnasheen leap “always made” as it was another unhurried train crossing point. As two of us hit the bottom steps of this lonely outpost’s footbridge the Inverness train we wanted to join, started to move! Our panic was short lived, 26038 was merely drawing forward and a more sedate departure with the two of us in the front bays followed 5 minutes later.

            The Dingwall leap off 26038 produced yet more “old Stratford rubbish” in 37260.  A “real” Scottish loco in 47467 was the power on a Highland line afternoon move. The Highland line seems different on every run and this time it was snow, deer,  plus the ritualistic flail at the “German soldier’s helmet” rock formation at Scholdt.  More 47 mileage along the coast with “genny” 408 then over in Glasgow there was a choice between 47517 on the Northbound sleeper portion or 26008 on the Dundee. I opted for the “tea cup” then 47481 forward to Mossend on the up Inverness sleeper.      

47595  1P04 2310 Edinburgh-Inverness                    Perth-Inverness

37262  2K03 0640 Inverness-Wick/Thurso               Inverness-Dingwall

26041  2K02 0655 Inverness-Kyle                            Dingwall-Achnasheen

26038  2N12 0710 Kyle-Inverness                             Achnasheen-Dingwall

37260  2N14 0600 Wick/Thurso-Inverness               Dingwall-Inverness

47467  1M42 1030 Inverness-Euston                        Inveness-Perth

47517  1A36 1325 Glasgow-Aberdeen                      Perth-Dundee

47408  1G80 1350 Aberdeen-Edinburgh                   Dundee-Waverly

DMU   1650 Edinburgh-Cowdenbeath                      Waverly-Inverkeithing                      

27037  2G84 1621 Dundee-Edinburgh                      Inverkeithing-Waverly

47703  1O54 1800 Edinburgh-Glasgow                    Waverly-Haymarket

47002  2O49 1715 Glasgow-Edinburgh                    Haymarket-Waverly

47705  1O56 1830 Edinburgh-Glasgow                    Waverly-Queen St

47593  1L59 1925 Glasgow-Dundee                          Queen St-Stirling

27014  2T51 1918 Dundee-Glasgow                          Stirling-Queen St

26008  2L66 2238 Glasgow-Dundee                          Queen St – Stirling

47481  1M16 1930 Inverness-Euston                        Stirling-Mossend

 47467 at Perth after a good run on the Highland Main line with 1M42 1030 Inverness-Euston “Clansman”, 100484

Wednesday April 11th 1984

            Things worsened at Mossend when 86216 rather than 85016 worked forward. The prime reason for doing this train was for the “gronk” portion shunt at Carlisle. As booked 08844 hauled our train out of the North bays at Carlisle to join up with the main train.

            I next awoke at Nuneaton and scrambled off just as the tip was being given.  To add to that awfull early morning feeling i had no chance of confirming my train’s power as it was leaving. It may have been 86216 shunt released, be nice to find out for sure one day…Respectable “peak” mileage Leicester to Leeds in a warm Mk I improved spirits as did 47356 arriving from Neville Hill with the “coffins” forming the Leeds- Sheffield portion of the Newcastle – Poole. A “not having this” from the guard saw a short delay with the “fridge” detached  for 45133. 

            With the “gronk” raked in at Sheffield I returned North to York. Ex works 50003 was ritualistically flagged for another “genny” in 47411 back to Leeds. A surviving solitary steam heat 31 diagram followed with 31114 on the 1635 Leeds – Sheffield, one of many different 31’s to work this train. From Sheffield a quality “Trans Pennine” DMU through the Hope Valley to Manchester. The expected “roarer” did not produce on the 1915 Brum so a Crewe bail followed. A bonus in 81010 on the Glasgow – Euston for my homeward power.

86216  1M16 1930 Inverness-Euston                        Mossend-Carlisle/Nuneaton??

08844  1M16 1930 Inverness-Euston                        Carlisle shunt

DMU   0650 Nuneaton-Leicester                               Nuneaton-Leicester

45129  1E05 0748 Leicester-Leeds                            Leicester-Nottingam

45101  1E05 0748 Leicester-Leeds                            Nottingham-Leeds

45133  1J67 1106 Leeds-Poole                                  Leeds-Sheffield

08749  1J67 1106 Leeds-Poole                                  Sheffield shunt

45124  1E30 0653 Plymouth-York                            Sheffield-York

47411  1M75 1322 Newcastle-Liverpool                   York-Leeds

31114  1J02 1635 Leeds – Sheffield                           Leeds-Sheffield


59772} 1630 Hull-Manchester                                    Sheffield-Man Picc



87030  1G13 1945 Manchester-Birmingham            Man Picc-Crewe

81010  1M52 1710 Glasgow-Euston                          Crewe-Watford Jn

051      2200 Euston-Rugby                                        Watford Jn-L.Buzzard

 Ex works 50003 at York with 1V92 1428 York-Plymouth, 110484

Thursday April 12th 1984

            A much needed proper doss and wash back home then with trusty brown Adidas bag restocked it was the 0840 310 unit to the Keynes. 87016 was the forwarding power to New st for 47456 on the Manchester – Cardiff. This took the “coast road” from Gloucester through Lydney and along the Severn estuary.

            A Newport bail for 33050 to Bristol on one of many afternoon Crompton haulages. A 2 car DMU was a brief interuption on a Bristol – Trowbridge special working. From here it was a slow rail replacement bus forward to Westbury, complete with desperate TTI. The bus was due to the new Westbury resignalling  scheme. More “mule” Crompton leaps then 50018 returned me to Waterloo.

            Over at Euston was the welcome sight of  “big fish” 81017 up front on the Stranraer boat train. There is a great feeling of exhilaration as you leave a London terminal on a lightly loaded  overnight, with decent stock and power. After a bellow at the King’s Langley “Ovaltine” factory temperature gauge flagging up just 1 degree, i was soon asleep.  

049      0718 Euston-Northampton                             L.Buzzard-M.Keynes

87016  1D27 0805 Euston-Holyhead                         M.Keynes-New St

47456  1V72 0825 Manchester-Cardiff                     New St-Newport

33050  1O79 1205 Cardiff-Bristol                             Newport-T.Meads

C613   1349 Bristol-Trowbridge                               T.Meads-Trowbridge

BUS     1435 Trowbridge-Westbury                          Trowbridge-Westbury

33027  1O83 1550 Westbury-Portsmouth                 Westbury-Salisbury

33062  2L40 1635 Salisbury – Basingstoke (4TC 407) Salisbury-Andover

33119  1V16 1638 Waterloo-Exeter                          Andover-Salisbury

33013  1L12 1730 Salisbury-Waterloo                      Salisbury-Whitchurch

33110  2L33 1700 Waterloo-Salisbury                      Whitchurch-Andover

50008  1O20 1618 Exeter-Waterloo                         Andover-Waterloo

81017  1S06 2100 Euston-Stranraer                         Euston-Carlisle

 Bath Road depot was still relatively busy on April 6th 1984, very different scene today…

Friday April 13th 1984

            Heavy brake application around 2am meant it was time to bail at a chilly Carlisle. The onward power 47546 was flagged despite a “good pilot” from Ayr in 27059 being allocated. A busier Fort William portion got the unique central arrow fitted 86324 with 37112 kicked out for the run from Cowlairs to Glasgow Queen St.

            A dawn walk through a deserted Buchanan St got me to Central. Here i joined the 060 Glasgow – Ayr with a long rake of “coffins”. The train was “too big for the Ayr line” according to the guard who ushered passengers into the leading coaches behind 47525. The stock would later return as an Ayr-Euston via Glasgow.

            A Prestwick leap saw an average 47209 on the Ayr-Glasgow. These trains always seemed to be reported with exotic power, not today but it was a chilly morning. A “Circuit” and Stirling – Perth 27/47 bash then i was back at Queen St for large logo beast 37264 on the 1640 Fort Bill. The front coach was well filled with bashers and there was understandable interest from the local “syphon” men  when a muffled bang was heard, as 264’s boiler was fired up. Some very loud Southern English accent (not me!) then piped up importantly “oh, but theres plenty of steam heat round here”. Some pained expressions from many and a long pause before a withering “this loco nae steamed for years” repost. Said Southern “ned” remained silent!

            I leapt at Dumbarton for 37022 back to Queen St for required 37011 for a mileage move to Arrochar. The front coach of this train had a small consist of “Munro bashers” who were relishing the prospect of snow down to two thousand feet on Ben Lomond. At Arrochar it was a quick leap onto37081 plus Ethel where as you do in bashing, i bumped into a local Northampton basher!

            Approaching Dumbarton our leading coach was bricked which was “booked” in this area. Heading down Buchanan St at kicking out time the atmosphere was a good deal livelier than my dawn walk!

86324  1S05 2210 Euston-Fort William/Inverness    Carlisle-Mossend

37081} 1S05 2210 Euston-Fort William                     Mossend-Cowlairs

Ethel 2}

37112  1S05 2210 Euston-Fort William                     Cowlairs-Queen St

47525  2A05 0600 Glasgow-Ayr                               Central-Prestwick

47209  2A08 0700 Ayr-Glasgow                               Prestwick-Central

47709  1O11 0900 Glasgow-Edinburgh                    Queen St-Waverly

27012  2L34 1017 Edinburgh-Dundee                       Waverly-Kirkcaldy

27101  2G42 1021 Dundee-Edinburgh                      Kirkcaldy-Waverly

101308            1240 Edinburgh-Dunblane                 Waverly-Stirling

47526  1A36 1325 Glasgow-Aberdeen                      Stirling-Perth

47517  1T34 1255 Aberdeen-Glasgow                      Perth-Stirling

47412  1T34 1230 Inverness-Glasgow                      Stirling-Queen St

37264  1B14 1650 Glasgow-Fort William (boiler fired-no action)  Queen St-Dumbarton

47467  1A54 1725 Glasgow-Aberdeen

37022  1T45 1225 Fort William-Glasgow                 Dumbarton-Queen St

37011  1B15 1820 Glasgow-Oban                             Queen St-Arrochar

37081} 1T56 1740 Fort William-Euston                    Arrochar-Queen St

Ethel 2}

 Classic “Circuit” scene, 27101 at Waverly after working 2G42 1021 Dundee – Edinburgh on 130484

 37011 steaming away at Arrochar with the 1820 Glasgow-Oban on 130484

Saturday April 14th 1984

            At Central I was totally withered. I had to do the Birmingham/Bristol overnight to make the “Capital City Transfer” tour. V62 normally a good bet for a “roarer” was 86252 and 85025 was on the “Sleepers Only” to Euston. So 250 can miles ended my “freedom of the world!”

86252  1V61 2355 Glas/Edin-Bristol                         Central-New St

47473  1O01 0600 Derby-Poole                                 New St-Coventry

50009  1M10 0550 Padd-Manchester                        Coventry-Bir Int’l

47606  1O52 0738 Wolverhampton-Brighton            Bir Int’l-Coventry

then the tour..

Link to Capital City Transfer Tour featuring class 25/37/50 including the fastest ever train through Amersham phot!   


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