1960-1968 Trip Reports

Some serious vintage gen here, very much a bygone era!

Thanks to Bob Faulkner for this superb view of class 27s 5376 and 5388 at Leicester depot on July 2nd 1966

Colchester log from August 1960

Potters Bar log from May 1961

Bethnal Green log, June 1961

Newark NG/Grantham log, July 1961

Newark NG/Grantham log, Aug 1961

Newark, Grantham, Peterborough log Aug 61

ECML logs, Aug 1962

Up London Sep 1962

North East additionals, June 1963

Bletchley July 1964 (75 locos)

Bletchley log July 1965 (72 locos)

5222 brings the final loco hauled 2C88 into Farringdon on May 3rd 1968

2C88 the 0754 Harpenden – Moorgate remembered, loads of vintage gen and 2 phots

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