2020-21 The Covid years

From March 2020 Covid Lockdowns, restricted working. Plenty trips loaded below to date!

The DRS class 20 farewell tour, Jan 2020

The Anglia loco hauled swansong Feb/Mar 2020

The Midsomer Norton diesel gala, Mar 2020

The Park Royal Crompton Tour, March 2020

25035’s epic running day at the GCR, Oct 2020

The 0700-0800 local top photting sessions

The “Royal Scot” Railtour, Dec 2020

Class 86’6 final fling, Jan/Feb 2021

25035 GCR running day, June 2021

Early turn at Ledburn 6 phots from July 29th 2021

Spa Valley diesel gala, Aug 6th 2021, 6 phots

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