Trip Reports 1969 – 1975

Click on any of the 20 plus different trip reports below, enjoy the vintage 60s and 70s nostalgia

Saturday 11th April 1970 – What a day!

Stratford depot log from January 30th 1971 – 66 locos with phots

Hitchin log from April 72 much loco action

Inverness and Perth logs Aug 72 with phots

Hitchin log from Sep 72, much loco action

Bristol TM log, October 72 with phots

Sunderland football special, includes Gateshead visit, Oct 72

Hitchin log from April 1973

The Carlisle football special, March 73

Leighton Buzzard log from June 73, 40 locos

Luton Log for Jan 26th 1974 (27 locos)

Bristol TM log, April 74, clearing my Westerns!

Bridlington Merrymaker, May 74

East Midlands Ranger, Aug 74 a must read!

Ealing Broadway freight log, Aug 74

Bletchley log, Feb 75

A “dino” out of Euston, May 75

Huddersfield moves, July 75

Carlisle log (74 locos), July 75

Scottish fortnight Aug 75 huge full spotting log

Derby log Aug 75

Soton and Eastleigh, Aug 75

Bath, Bristol and Cardiff, Aug 75

Bath to Didcot incl D1070 Aug 75

Huddersfield moves, Sep 75

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