1983 Trip Reports

Over 27 reports packed with phots and memories from 6 different contributors too

Table 135 reliefs, Jan 83 Phots and gen

Lunchtime at Sharnbrook Jan 83 -7 phots from the late Tony Ewer

Rugby dragging, Feb 83 phots and gen

Steamin out the Street, April 83

Anglia Day Rangers, Spring 83 – thanks to “TC

On the Mid, late May 83

The magic of the drags 1983 – 1985 – thanks to Trev Rolfe

Up Brum, June 83

“MIB”‘s North West moves, June 1983

Mid Moves June – July 83 – thanks to Guy Kendrick

Anglia Day Ranger July 2nd 1983 – thanks to “TC”

On the “Mid” July 15 – 17th 1983

On the Mid July 17th – 23rd – thanks to Guy Kendrick

On the “Mid” late July 83 – thanks to Guy Kendrick

Much “Mid” power, Saturday July 2nd 1983

Much “Mid” power, Sunday July 3rd 1983

Anglia Day Rangers Summer 1983 -thanks to “TC”

Scottish power variety, July 29th 1983

More power variety, July 30/31st 1983

Anglia Day Ranger, Saturday July 30th – thanks to “MIB”

Scottish power variety, Aug 1/2 1983

Bank holiday “Mid” moves, August 1983

East Mids and Anglia moves, August 1983

Sunday August 14th, what a day locally

“Bag” bashing, October 1983

Wires down at Hemel, December 1983


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